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Sea Container Ministry Guide-Shipping

Rays of Hope wants to make your shipping of supplies to programs as simple as possible. Therefore we take care of all the international paperwork, customs declaration, and other particulars associated with shipping. We only need you to download and fill out the forms from our Shipping Booklet.

Please read through the information provided in the Shipping Ministry Booklet. You will need to provide a Manifest Packing List of the items you are shipping. We also recommend that you calculate your costs. If your items need to stay on a pallet, then the pallet dimensions must be included in your dimensions.
We provide you with a form to complete for our contact information. The Contact Information Form tells who is getting supplies tells us who is getting the supplies and how to contact the organization. It also tells us who the original shipper is and how we can contact them in case it becomes nessesary. Both sections of the contact information form must be completed.
Lastly, there is a sample label included. There are many shipping labels that work. The most common label we see being used is Avery 5164 Shipping Labels. You are not required to use these labels but whatever you choose to make your own, please know that you must indicate the name of our organization on the label. Include your contact person and telephone number.
Shipping Information
If you would like to ship somewhere other than Haiti, or have a full container on your own, email Ray for more information.