Used Clothing and Textile Drive

The Story

Rays of Hope is announcing a used clothing and textile program to help raise capital. We are always working toward self sustainability and we are looking to this program to make it possible. Implementing this program will enable Rays of Hope to have the funds in place to expand existing programs and will allow us to move aid quickly during a crisis. And just as important, this program will give us the ability to help our partners expand their programs.

The Project: Used Clothing and Textile Drive

We collect used clothing, coats, shoes, belts, ties, fashion accessories, backpacks, bedding, towels, pillows, and clean stuffed animals are just a few examples of items that can be donated. Even worn out, torn, or stained textiles can be collected. Shoes with holes, jeans with broken zippers, clothing with stains, or blankets with holes can be collected.

Quick Facts

Four pounds of used clothing can turn into a pound of beans or rice, three hundred pounds can turn into a water filter that can supply clean water for a whole household!