St. Alphonse

The Story

St. Alphonse de Liguori Catholic School was founded by Sister Luvia Joseph in 1984. She never turns away a student, and she feeds the children daily. Many children come to school only to receive food they can not get elsewhere, and some come for the safety that the walls of St. Alphonse offer from the poverty and dangers of Port au Prince.

The Project: School Extension

We're looking to add a second floor to the school, which will include a computer lab, library & teacher’s meeting room. Obtaining 50 – 100 laptops. Students who learn computer skills have a much greater chance of getting a job and supporting their families.There are also hopes to add on a cafeteria and toilets to the ground floor.

Cafeteria and Toilets $12,710

Secon Floor $191,000

Quick Facts