Notre Maison Orphanage

The Story

Several years ago Gertrude Bien-Aime began working with the children of Notre Maison. At the time all children there had special needs. As time went on the government began asking Gertrude to take more children. Today it is a busy bustling place where children live, grow, and learn. The children are given a home, food, friends, family and an education. There is a guesthouse on site generating revenue to help provide for the children. A garden and chicken program have also been started with the hope of additional revenues as Notre Maison works towards self sufficiency!

The Project: Daily Care and Housing

This orphanage is a place where the children not only live, but prepare for life when they are older. They have a garden and chickens, and are taught skills such as cleaning, laundry and ironing clothes. With a decrease in the amount of donated items, things like food and school clothing now need to be purchased for the children as well.

Monthly Costs:

Room and Food for Children $8,500

Quick Facts

Home Director

Gertrude Bien-Aime


48 boys and girls, ages 2-20


Port Au Prince, Haiti

Years at Location

In 2007 the current location became home to several children abandoned after a flood. In 2009, many of the children with special needs were moved to this site as well.


There are 11 children who go out to school each day and 4 children with special needs are also able to attend an off campus school. The remaining children are taught by three teachers paid to come 5 days a week to teach, sing, and play.

Extra Activities

The children have many visitors on site. Each week, 5-10 children are able to go to water therapy class and 4 children attend a local horse therapy program. Children are also taught English.