Lighthouse School Breakfast Program

The Story

Lighthouse School is located in Los Alcarrizos, a very poor area outside of Santo Domingo. With too few classrooms for the number of children, Lighthouse School has been educating children in this area that would otherwise not have any chance for an education. Currently there are over 1,100 students enrolled learning reading, writing, math, science, English, computer skills and more. Lighthouse School is consistently honored as one of the top schools in the country. Unfortunately, about 350 of the students come to school hungry. Learning is very difficult for these kids whose parents cannot afford to feed them breakfast. In January 2013 Lighthouse School started a breakfast program with the dream of feeding these kids every school day. With a great education and food in their stomachs, the kids will have the best chance for success.

The Project: Breakfast Program

The Lighthouse Project is wanting to bring the program into full swing, providing breakfast for 350 students each school day.

Annual Costs for the School Year:

Breakfast for One Child $360

Quick Facts

Project Director

Cristian Santiago

Children enrolled in School

1127 Students pre-school through 12th grade

Children Served Breakfast



Los Alcarizzos, Dominican Republic

Campus Details

Vocational School | Early, Primary, and Secondary Education | Kitchen and Dining Facility | Ball Fields

Extra Activities

Besides schooling the children learn music, soccer, art, embroidery, and sewing. Some of the beautiful items that they create are sold, and the money is saved for their future college expenses.