Lighthouse School Dorm Project

The Story

The dorms for the Lighthouse School in the Dominican Republic will have 21 rooms to host missionaries and mission teams from United States and Canada. The dorms will also host teachers for the future University satellite school that will be located on site. The dorms will have a total capacity of 92 people who will serve the community of Los Alcarrizos.

The Project:

Cost Per Dorm $3,000

Quick Facts

Lighthouse Director

Cristian Santiago

Number of Rooms



Los Alcarrizos, Dominican Republic


The dorms will be completed and ready for guests by January 2014.


The main focus of the ministry is education. Through the Russel Van Vleet school and vocational center, Lighthouse serves over 1,000 children and youth from preschool-12th grade. More than 300 youth and adults participate in the training programs in the areas of computers, electricity, auto mechanics, beauty salon, marketing and ESL. These ministries are done primarily through the help of volunteers from the U.S. and Canada.