Ephphatha School for the Deaf

The Story

École de Sourd Éphphatha is a Christian school for the deaf in Burkina Faso, West Africa. In developing countries, disabled children are shunned or ignored. This Christian school is different. The mission of this institution is to provide basic lessons, communication, and love to deaf children. The staff is trained in basic sign language vocabulary, and although there is a limited number of materials, the communication between teachers and students is life altering. The school day is from 8am to 5pm, with a 3 hour break during the hottest part of the day. Each student has special qualities and attributes, and learning communication skills helps them grow and gain independence.

The Project: Education & Communication


One set of hearing aids $200

One Teacher's Monthly Salary $132

One child's tuition for a year $175

Quick Facts

Home Directors

Pastor Michel and Lydia Ouedraogo

Number of Children



Ouagadoudou Burkina Faso, West Africa

Years in Operation

First groups started working here in 2002


The school teaches basic sign language, literacy, and increased speech development.

Extra Help

At Ephphatha, all of the children are disabled in some way. When the teachers collaborate with professional development missionaries, new programs are developed through collaborative teaching styles, hands on training, and classroom demonstrations.