Children of Jesus Orphanage

The Story

Children of Jesus Orphanage is in a continual state of growth. After opening in 2005, the orphanage started receiving even more children following the 2010 earthquake. They have a large piece of land north of Port Au Prince, but were in need of more buildings and resources to house the children and provide for their activities. Today there are dormitories, bathrooms, a dining hall, outdoor kitchens, and classrooms. There is a school on site for the children in the orphanage as well as children from the community. Caring for nearly 100 children is expensive. In addition to donations that are given, Lesly runs a morgue, whose revenue goes to support and sustain the orphanage. They also now have a farm where vegetables are grown providing food for the children and revenue for their orphanage as well.

The Project: Day to Day Care, School, and Gardens!

The orphanage continues to look for ways to sustain itself, but there are always ongoing costs for the children's day to day care.

Annual Costs:

Teachers and orphanage workers $48,000

Food for the children and staff $48,000

Medical care for the children $750

Gas for cooking and vehicles $1,000

Clothing, shoes, gifts, and misc. $40,000

Quick Facts

Home Director

Lesly Tilus

Children and Staff

97 boys and girls, ages 2-18. 28 teachers and workers


Lilavois, North of Port Au Prince, Haiti

Years in Operation

The orphanage jsut celebreated its 8th year!

Extra Activities

Besides their basic education the children are also taught art and music, and have the opportunity to learn English. They also participate in outdoor activities on their large campus.