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U.S. Headquarters                                     446 Grandville Avenue SW Dock #6 Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503      


Ray Brown Warehouse Manager 616.570.3575
Cristian Santiago Dominican Republic Director 616.446.5244
Kimmer Chapin Team Director 616.890.0275
Stacy Langlois Bookkeeping 616.299.2058
Kim Sorrelle Executive Director 616.318.7378
Amanda Sorrelle Volunteer Coordinator 616.206.7612
Shirley Brown Team Leader

Board of Directors

Bruce Langlois President 616.262.0492
Todd Wittlinger Vice President 616.915.8208
Tom Wedeven Treasurer 616.821.1985
Tom Lindemulder Secretary 616.299.3099
Steven Flack                 630.631.8174
You can contact us by email or call our office phone. We look forward to hearing from you!